Soldiers & Whores: A Rich Tradition

The soldiers, mostly men, have long been relying to prostitutes in keeping them “happy enough” to continue working for the military. As a matter of fact, brothels, clubs and parlours burgeon near military bases. This is the military and the government’s way of addressing the sexual frustrations of our servicemen. Even our society allows them to have fun with sex workers. Why? Because they risk their lives and are far away from their wives and girlfriends. However, this isn’t how we necessarily spend our man time.

Soldiers & Whores: A Rich Tradition

In order to control the sexual proclivities of soldiers, militaries established a system of regulated brothels. During the World War I, the German military put up supervised cathouses where sex workers were regularly medically examined. The French military also instituted the same system. They were very circumspect with regards to the prostitutes who were working in the maisons tolereés.

Military officials observed that it is a natural tendency for soldiers to seek respite through engaging in various sexual activities. So instead of neutralising this behaviour, the authorities managed this deportment. As a matter of fact, an article from The Washington Post revealed that the South Korean Government trained women to be of service to the country. Little did they know that they will toil military camps as prostitutes. Like what the German and the French military did during World War I, the South Korean military routinely conducted medical exams on prostitutes. This measure will ensure that they are free from any sexually transmitted diseases.

Military’s Sex Slaves?

As an article from the Asia-Pacific Journal puts it, “Where there are soldiers, there are women who exist for them”. If you are going to trace back history, there are numerous accounts of women who were regarded as the answer to war booty calls. Basically, women are used for sex and are often treated as mere sex slaves.

During the British rule on their Indian colonies, women were reported to have been abducted and parted from their families. What’s worse is that these girls were taken at a very young age since there was no age of consent in these territories. Not only they were compelled to do sex work, but were also exposed to venereal diseases. Interestingly, the British army imposed measures in protecting only their soldiers from contracting such diseases.