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Soldiers & Whores: A Rich Tradition

The soldiers, mostly men, have long been relying to prostitutes in keeping them “happy enough” to continue working for the military. As a matter of fact, brothels, clubs and parlours burgeon near military bases. This is the military and the

The History and Future of SEO

The history of SEO is quite rich, and many would be surprised at how it started and when. It could be dated back in 1994, when a certain Brian Pinkerton from Washington, DC has decided to be the first search

How Succession Planning Has Shaped The Economic History Of Australia

Economic History Of Australia

Australia is among the most developed nations of the world and this is clearly demonstrated by the might of their economy. A brief review of the economic history of Australia will give any Australian business owner a swift understanding of

History of Legion of Frontiersmen

Originally our founder Captain Roger Pocock came up with the name “The League of Frontiersmen”, however the name was changed to “The Legion of Frontiersmen” and has stuck ever since. Many different branches (or corps) of the Legion has sprung